Au├čenansicht vom Tagungs- & Veranstaltungszentrum Palais Salfeldt in Quedlinburg

Our service:

Passion & competence

The specific value-added experience of a conference venue like Quedlinburg derives from its unique spirit of place. Quedlinburg simply inspires any meeting or conference. We therefore have chosen as our mission at the Palais Salfeldt: "Conferencing as a Cultural Experience".

We want to establish Quedlinburg and the Palais Salfeldt as one of Europes acclaimed venues for international meetings, conferences and conventions. With the largest UNESCO-world cultural heritage area right in the centre of Europe we would like to invite international guests to the Palais Salfeldt - to meet, to experience and enjoy this outstanding location and to take with them many memories and reasons to come back again...

We love to assist you with your conference, presentation, or event. We will take responsibility for their professional organization in accordance with your individual wishes as discussed well in advance. The agreed budget will be fair, including all the details, transparent. Our planning, organization, and coordination will be unobtrusive but efficient. We will ensure a smooth organisation of your event or conference, and gladly assist with arranging for suitable leisure activities and a well accompanying cultural program.