Tagungsräume im im Tagungs- & Veranstaltungszentrum Palais Salfeldt in Quedlinburg

How to get here?

as easy as that

Quedlinburg huddles in the north-eastern foothills of the Harz mountain range. It is easily accessible, close to the intersection of Saxony-Anhalt, Lower-Saxony, and Thuringia. The town is connected by modern rail and Autobahn with the gateways of Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Hannover and their international airports.

Use Google maps to find out your individual travel route

There are parking facilities available belonging to the Palais Salfeldt as well as additional parking spaces nearby. Large equipment can be delivered to our delivery door in the back of the Palais with a hoist to the 1st floor right next to it. Hotel guests can leave their cars directly at the hotel parking lots.

Directions by car or bus:
Coming from Hannover, Berlin, Leipzig use the highway B6n until the exit "Quedlinburg Zentrum". Follow the instructions of your navigation system using the addresses below:

  • Palais Salfeldt / delivery door! / parking facilities (limited):
    Essiggasse, D-06484 Quedlinburg
  • Palais Salfeldt / the front door:
    Kornmarkt 5&6, D-06484 Quedlinburg
  • Additional parking facilities / including busses:
    Marschlinger Hof, D-06484 Quedlinburg (walking distance: 5 minutes)
  • Additional parking facilities Carl-Ritter-Platz:
    Carl-Ritter-Straße, D-06484 Quedlinburg (walking distance: 10 minutes)

If you would like to print all addresses, you can download [PDF, 2,2 MB] this document.