Tagungsräume im im Tagungs- & Veranstaltungszentrum Palais Salfeldt in Quedlinburg


with a cultural flair

„A great setting for a successful event.
Thank you very much for your support and help.“
Winfried Schubert, President Higher Regional Court Naumburg - JUROP Conference of European Presidents of Higher Regional Courts

Quedlinburg is one of Germany’s best preserved historic towns and is protected as part of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage. The German Conservation Foundation has
contributed generously to the restoration and modernization of Quedlinburg’s treasure of historic buildings. One of these is the the baroque town-palace “Palais Salfeldt”.

A modern and baroque conference centre in an outstanding historical setting

The Palais Salfeldt is a modern conference-centre - it opened its doors in 2008 - and has already welcomed a wide range of sophisticated conventions, meetings and events. It also offers a new stage to Quedlinburg’s rich array of spaces for cultural performances, exhibitions, and concerts. The Palais combines baroque with modern architecture thus providing a variety of rooms for all kinds of different occasions. The plenary hall, a masterpiece of modern daylighting and acoustics, comfortably holds an audience of up to 400 persons.