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Experience of a Cultural Landscape

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg is a singularly picturesque ancient town. Its origins are associated with the first ruling dynasty of the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”, the Ottonians. In the 19th century the city pioneered an agrarian industry based on the production of flower and vegetable seeds. Later, economic stagnation stopped nearly all building activities, resulting in an unintended conservation of the built heritage.


Fachwerkstadt Quedlinburg Palais SalfeldtAfter careful restoration this heritage now attracts culture tourists from all over the world. The New York Times describes Quedlinburg as a “half-timbered fairy-tale” and the bestseller travelguide “1000 Places to See Before You Die” lists Quedlinburg among the most remarkable German destinations.

UNESCO-Welterbestadt Quedlinburg - Tagen als Kulturerlebnis im Palais SalfeldtIn 1994 the town became a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, including the Romanesque cathedral on the castle hill (with the grave of the first German king Henry I and his wife Mathilde).

UNESCO-Welterbestadt Quedlinburg - Tagen als Kulturerlebnis im Palais Salfeldt

The Region

In Quedlinburg’s immediate environment one can stroll through the “Brühl” park whose original baroque design has been restored while preserving a grove of ancient trees along the river-bank. Quedlinburg’s magic also derives from the unspoilt beauty of the surrounding countryside stretching along the foothills of the densely forested Harz Mountains and their summit Brocken (1.142mtr alt.).

UNESCO-Welterbestadt Quedlinburg - Tagungen als Kulturerlebnis im Palais SalfeldtThe whole region stands out for its “cultural density”. To mention but a few highlights: the State of Saxony-Anhalt’s capital Magdeburg with its Cathedral, once a medieval power-house in the time of Otto the Great (10th Century); Thale and the volcanic Bode river-gorge – the scene of many folk-tales and myths from pre-Christian times; ancient monestaries, castles and historic monuments wherever you look.

An interesting short trip takes visitors to Falkenstein Castle, one of the best-preserved medieval castles of Germany, standing guard over one of the Harz mountain-range’s strategic East-West passes. Just minutes from Quedlinburg there is the county capital of Halberstadt with a stunning gothic cathedral and its' famous treasure in the newly created church museum.

Here is a short list of possible leisure time activties and examples for a cultural program.